May 28, 2013

Ministry Daydream

Summer break is a great time to relax. I'm so thankful that I have no homework or assignments for 2 months ! But at heart I do love to plan, research, and prepare. So I can't help but think about and "preplan" what next semester will hold for me.

I will be heading into my first semester of my Junior year.
I'm also in a new major. New classes, new books, new opportunity to see God move in my life.

My new major is Youth and Family ministry.
I would have never picked this major on my own, and yet it seems perfect. I adore my youth pastor and his wife. My teenage years are not the same without them. I feel completely unqualified and scared to death that I will fail at this but I'm also extremely excited to see turn these ashes into beauty.

The longer it takes for us to become parents, the more I crave opportunities to be a "surrogate" to kids and teens through ministry. God has used ministry as a major healing power in my journey to become a mom. While it can be great practice, it is something that will always be a need. Every town, every community will have youth that need someone to listen. When you're a Christian, you don't have to look very far to find ministry. Your life is ministry.

So as I day dream this summer I like to in vision what I hope to do this fall with youth ministry:

  • Ladies Bible studies
  • Morning brunch with teen girls group
  • Pamper parties at the salon/spa
  • Using my house for devotions
  • Meeting with teens for lunch at school
  • Maybe be a sponsor on a youth trip
  • Write encouraging notes
  • Attend sports games or school events

What were some of your favorite youth activities ?
How did a youth minister or sponsor impact your life ?

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