December 31, 2015

Thank You Grace

Thank You Grace,

When I selected you as my word for 2015 I had no idea what that year would bring. Even more important and pressing was how much I would need Grace to be the center of my year.

The year started off with the goal of showing others more of you. I tend to have very high standards and low trust. So I followed my deep conviction, and set out to shower others with Grace. Some friendships were mended, some grew even stronger, and others came to their end. But I learned that Grace has no expiration regardless of a relationship status.

Then as the year settled into early summer Grace turned the tables. I became very sick with very limited resources. But Grace is not bound by our restrictions. My husband and I were overwhelmed with donations of time, encouragements, and financial support! Grace, you have really out done yourself.

We had a beautiful dance. A step forward in faith was reciprocated with more Grace. And as the situations grew more complicated and unstable, David and I reflected on our previous dance routines. Our responses were more than choreographed, they were a genuine natural movement.

With the cool breeze of Fall you graced us with your presence. You gave us a beautiful gift that we had patiently waited for. And when that gift slipped through our hands, you held us so tight. Your touch provided peace and love. Your constant guidance was the only light pulling us out of darkness and toward healing. You allowed us to scream and beat our chest. You allowed us to mourn and worship. There were no rules under your direction.

When David and I decided that we would like to name our child, we did not look far. This child was yours before it was ours. While singing the song "Lord I need You" the following verse sealed the deal.

Our child was not lost but found with the Lord, in a paradise of Grace. We had referred to Baby O as a boy and settled in on the name Gracen. His memory would be rooted in the overwhelming, undeserving gift of the Love of Christ. 

As tears and years come and go, I know you will guide my heart. As people inquire about this family of two, you will give me courage. As we meet other hurting couples, you will give me wisdom. As we celebrate with others, you will give me strength. 

Thank you Grace. 

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. - Hebrews 4:16

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