November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Trimester

I mulled over this post over and over again constantly debating with how transparent I want to be with you and how transparent I need to be [for myself]. This may not be understood by anyone else but for me, I need to read this. 


Just a few months ago I thought it would take ages to reach this week and yet here we are. This week would have marked my second trimester of pregnancy. So how am I feeling? How am I holding up?

deep breathe in...


deep breathe out...

That is such a short sentence, and often so flippantly used but here, in this moment, it is pure. This simple sentence takes my breathe away and restores it with calm assurance.  

This week does not get to belong to my past. It does not get to be a mourning marker but a healing marker. It is the marking of my second trimester of healing. My main symptoms are deep breaths and my top craving is a whole lotta Jesus.....and a little bit of Adele   :)

Don't think about tomorrow. I just need this moment. 
Don't think about May. My heart can't see that far just yet. 
Don't think about the trials to come. After all, I know who I belong to, and nothing catches Him off guard. 

Our loving Father knew that Thanksgiving and my second trimester would share a day.
Sweet November has held my gentle spirit and taken calendar dates from the depths of mourning and adorned them on a heart in the middle of restoration. 

So Thanksgiving surrounded us with family, and a giggling niece and nephews. With hours of card games and football games (including a BIG 12 championship...BOOMER SOONER.) Delicious food and even some shopping.

Our thankfulness was expressed in living life with each other and embracing each other in love and laughter. It was beautiful marker of healing and celebration of the simple blessings. 

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