August 18, 2012

First Post

 In a world where everyone has a right to their opinion, blogs are all the rage. My generation has an anthem that says "don't tell me what to do, but listen to what I have to say."

I started off with a blog birthed as a way to share with my family and friends pictures and daily life, but ended up becoming a soap box for my bitterness and advertisement for myself. I was convicted about how much of my information what "out there." I was convicted about portraying a false identity of a perfect christian while living a different life on this side of the laptop.

Why Blog at all ?
I have a big mouth and I am away from home.


This is a venue, a tool, that I understand.
I over share.
I love to share.
I may not have a single reader and I could just use a private journal, but I cannot get the idea out of my head that what I have to share could, maybe, might could... mean something to someone else. And that is worth it to me.

The gospel is worth it.

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