August 26, 2012

Church, then what ?

During the sermon today, my husband and I noticed a board glazed-over look across the faces of the congregation. We considered the sermon and it was just a normal sermon. Nothing different about it.

But that was just it.

If you grow up in church, you will hear the same sermon several times a year. Sure it will be dressed up in different props, poems, punch lines. Different "sermon series." Different powerpoints. But the same common theme: We are sinners, Jesus saves.

There is NOTHING wrong with this message. In fact, every sermon should point toward the Gospel. Every sermon should mention the power of Gods saving love.

But what happens when every sermon is geared toward the unsaved, but preached to a congregation of hungry Christians ?

Our eyes glaze over.
We can repeat the alter call from memory.
We know when to raise our hands. We know when to collect our belongings.
We learn the routine, the church routine.

Maybe it's because we are in Bible College and we are used to amazing lessons, diving deep into the thick of the Bible. But we are having a difficult time finding a church that preaches the Bible.

I would imagine someone would say "well that is what Sunday school or Bible study is for."

So then I would ask, "If Sunday school and Bible studies are where we dive deep into scripture, why would seasoned Christians attend Sunday service ?"

I feel pastors fear a deep, Bible sermon just in case a stranger walks off the street and attends the service. They wouldn't want them to be lost in the stories, big words. Pastors look for quick, easy to digest sermons. But if we all eat fast food, are we truly getting fed ?

I don't think Sunday Service is the place for new comers. I think it is our job, not the Pastor's, to reach out to the unsaved. To invite them in our homes, life groups, or Bible studies. To have coffee with them and disciple them.

Sunday should energize and empower us to reach our co-workers, neighbors, and friends for Christ. Life Groups and Bible studies are great ways to invite those people into the word of God. Then when they would like to take them step or have accepted Christ into their life, attend Sunday service.

There may be a flaw in the system, but if the worldly see how bored we are in church, why would they attend ?

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  1. Great post! I was looking at Bible colleges when I came across your post. I'm so happy I did because this was a great read and I have also felt the same thing. Thank you for sharing this with us!