August 19, 2012

Sparrow Conference

I found it really annoying to go to church when I started attending Bible college.

The entire school attends chapel twice a week, and all classes obviously include the study of the Bible. When Sunday rolled around, I was exhausted with Bible content. I began to feel like I had heard every Bible story; there was nothing new to learn.

It got worse when we were learning about about different denominations, different preaching styles, and Bible interpretation. I felt like Simon Cowell of Sunday service, judging the pastors on their knowledge and delivery. It was a switch I could not turn off.

And eventually we just stopped going to church.

While I am saturated in scripture and sermons all week long, it is vital to fellowship outside of the classroom. There is a difference in expanding your knowledge and expanding your heart.

About two years ago I was listening to a podcast by Matt Chandler, the pastor of the The Village Church in Texas. Matt preached the Gospel from the Bible. He wasn't interested fluffing skirts, and "feel-good" messages. Matt preached the Gospel. I have been listening to Matt's sermons on Sunday mornings in my living room. I can trust that Matt is preaching the word of God.

Matt's wife, Lauren is kicking off the Sparrow Conference in Texas this October.

Sparrow Conference is a two-day event which exists to unify and mobilize college women to pursue Jesus Christ and the advancement of the Gospel by focusing on four discipleship elements: Truth, Freedom, Identity, and Purpose.

Registration will open next month. I hope to attend. This is such a great idea and perfect timing. This school year I would like to do things different. Maybe you're looking for the same thing !

You can find more information about the Sparrow Conference at
and follow them on Facebook and Twitter !

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