March 11, 2013

Big God

Back in Oklahoma I had a little Sunday School class of cute and sticky preschoolers. I think that is the perfect way to describe preschoolers. Cute but sticky....Moving on...

I dreaded Sunday mornings with my preschoolers because someone was going to poop their pants, scream bloody murder, or demand a better snack.

What turned my experience around was when I stopped trying to teach 4 year olds biblical lessons designed for 40 year olds. I replicated a theme I had seen on the ever-so-holy

God is my Superhero !

The kids LOVED this idea.
I LOVED this idea.

My husband still reads comics and is very up to date on all things superhero !

They made superheros, they dressed like superheros, no one pooped their pants, and they learned how BIG and awesome God is.

I learned how BIG God is.
On the transition from child to adult, God transformed from Superhero to Villian, Mad Man in the sky. But obviously God never changed. Instead, it was my attitude and how I perceived Him. I did not approach every day believing in a Superhero God. Instead of thinking of His love and His power, I created a count down to the worst case scenario of the day and hoped I could survive.
Last week while seeking advice from a professor, he met my negativity with:
 "Renda, how big is your God?"

As you may know, there is only one way to answer that one question and if your heart is correctly convicted as mine was, you need not respond at all.
My professor doesn't know how my life will unfold or if my prayers will get answered.
He doesn't need to know.
He only needs to know that God is a BIG God.
I only need to remember that my God is a BIG God.
Maybe you know that I'm talking about.
Maybe you need to stop jumping straight to the poopy pants scenario of your day and simply ask yourself  how Big is your God ?
Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible but with God all things are possible."- Matthew 19:26


  1. Love this post so much!! There is so much truth in those words, "God is a Big God." Sometimes, I need a good reminder of how small I am and how big He is. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and for linking up!

    1. THank you so much ! I'm glad you stopped by !

  2. When I was in college our saying was My God is big enough to handle that.