April 7, 2013

Late night post.

I am going to miss this.

I am sure 99% of the students are ready for summer. They are ready for their freedom, ready for adventure, but really just ready for no homework.

It would be nice when I don't have to write another theology paper or take a quiz but I am the 1% that is not completely looking forward to this summer. When summer comes, the students go back home. Except... when your an off-campus student. Then.. then you stay here. While everyone goes..

My husband and I love having our classmates over to our house.
It keeps us young.
It keeps us laughing.
It makes me clean the house.
But also.. it keeps my spirits up.

I like quiet... after it's been crazy.
If it's just quiet then I am alone with my thoughts and that is a very dangerous place to be.

Tonight we had a group of friends over. We laughed so hard. We laughed so hard that some people farted.
Now that is a good time !
Good food.
Good friends.
Good times.

I am going to miss this.

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