April 4, 2013

Meet Dillon: Part I

Sometimes God feels far away. Sometimes we think God is observing us on the outside of a snow globe, just turning our life upside down anytime he wants. I know this isn't true.
The best way to remember that God is an alive part of our life and desires for our faith to mature, is through hearing the testimony of others.
This new series is called "Meet." In this series you will meet believers in Christ & see how they are helping the lost to "Meet Jesus."

Meet Dillon

My life: through high school I partied a lot, abused alcohol, and marijuana.
I was a hypocritical Christian.

I was raised in a christian household but whatever my parents told me to do I would usually do the opposite. Bad company corrupts good character is where I was at when I was young.
Girls and the weekend were the main focus of my week.

I had attended college in Missouri for a year, and was away from my group of friends for that period of time. When I returned home everything spiraled down hill. It was the summer so we'd party through out the week and the weekends. My parents had no control of what was happening to me, and it was killing them inside.

My heart was hardened toward them and God, but I knew there was a battle for me.

We started to abuse hallucinogens 18-20 pills a night 2-3 days a week for about a month straight and I was addicted to the feeling. The high took me from my depression and from reality for a day, it was worth it to me at the time. I OD'd on the pills and was taken to the emergency. It didnt stop me from carrying on the next week.

Then there was a night my mom found out where I was at and I felt the strongest pull on me from Satan's attacks and God trying to get me out of the place I was. She brought me home and said to me crying:

 " Dillon what are we supposed to do anymore? Your going to die if you keep on the same path your going, I love you but you cant stay here if this is the lifestyle your going to keep."

 I told her:
 " Mom dont you think if God was real he'd take this addiction away, I cant stop. What am I supposed to do."

That was the first time it had broken my heart to see my mom in such distress, and I cant imagine God's. I had hit bottom I had no where to go. So I asked my mom and dad to pray over me and I prayed:
 " Lord if your real, please take this addiction away, make me new, forgive me."
Simple and sincere. And I felt peace for the first time in a long time. I woke up, I felt totally different, a feeling I had never experienced before.

Colors were so much brighter.
Music was more clear.
God Woke me up. And [now] I try to serve him in everything I do.

*Dillon went to Haiti in January. Read more in Meet Dillon Part 2 !

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